Hello world!

Only two years late, we’ve finally got round to using our WordPress account – hurray!

We want this to become a useful and inspirational source of information for anything family related south of the river, as well as a way to support local businesses, especially mumpreneurs.

We’ll be developing the website over the next few months, but feel free to send comments, ideas, requests as and when you have them.

We believe mums share more commonalities than differences, so we’re like Switzerland when it comes to the ‘mummy wars’ and trolls can go hide back under the bridge where they belong. Parenthood can be tough enough, so if you’re looking for a fight, take it outside thank-you-very-much.

That said, we know mums are real (smart, funny, practical, *insert any other awesome adjective here*) people, too, with interests and lives beyond our kids, so we’ll try to make sure the website reflects that.

And finally, we’re blog novices, so please be gentle with us until we get the hang of it 🙂