Keep calm and call the midwife!

My midwife was amazing, as were her colleagues, and today I finally managed to give them the thank you present I’d made for them. And by amazing, I mean she kept calm when we had flat batteries in the Tens machine; she didn’t throttle my husband when the birth pool ‘liner’ he’d bought (without any micro-management from me) turned out to be a cover to keep the water warm (I won’t be making that mistake again); or when, for the second home birth in a row, he didn’t check the hose fitted our taps. Like I said, won’t be making that mistake again 🙂 . But really because she has that special midwife superpower of making you feel like you’ve known her forever, feel completely reassured by whatever she tells you, and has magic massage hands. And you get no hint that you’re her third night-time birth in a row and she could really use some kip (and a salary that better reflects all this superhuman-ness).


I know the ‘Keep calm’ theme has been done to death, but I was struggling to think up a present that was a bit different, and came up with the idea for doing a custom-made poster*. And the ‘keep calm’ message seemed pretty apt!

Any gift I thought of seemed so insignificant in comparison to what they’d just helped me with. What did you do nice for your midwife to say thanks? We’d love to hear.

*I used Keepcalm-o-matic to make the image and Photobox to print it.